April 20, 2024

Is everything really good in the pig?

Yes, it's not just a saying: everything is really good in the pig! Everything is eaten, from head to tail. But not everything is cooked and not consumed in the same way.
Who says pig says immediately charcuterie! Ham, ham, pudding (casings), sausages (meat), sausage (meat raw), tripe, andouille (head, stomach ...), pate meat, of liver. The charcuterie of pork includes all cooked, salted or prepared preparations and varies from one country and region to another. Some pieces are bought fresh and lend themselves to different kinds of cooking.

There are those that are cooked in a pan (ribs, filet mignon), those that are grilled (ribs, loin, across, chest), those that are simmering (hock, loin, chest, the filet mignon, palette, across, feet, tail, muzzle, ears), and finally, those that are roasted (square, the tip fillet, the roast in the net, the ribs, the hock, the loin, crosswise and pallet, across).
The pork is cooking in a thousand and one ways, there is no limit to creativity. Remember in Masterchef, Christelle and Ludovic with their boudin soup. The jury is still salivating.

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