August 14, 2022

Is nutella dangerous for your health?

At a time when dieticians recommend eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and doing a regular sports activity, the Nutella spread is in the line of sight of dieticians ...

With 230,000 tons per year of Nutella, the spread is gray-gray anti-depressing in millions of gourmands.


Consisting of more than 60% sugar and palm oil, Nutella does not comply with the "nutritional profile" defined in Brussels. The manufacturer, the Italian Ferrero, risks having to announce on its labels that its product is dangerous for the health and favors theobesity. But the resistance is organized in Alba, in the north of Italy, mother house of Nutella.

A member of the Northern League even founded a committee Do not touch my Nutella. When will a support group on Facebook!

Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Nutella, good or bad? (August 2022)