April 20, 2024

Isabel Lucas, bohemian with her falsely neglected braid

The ultimate chic detail at the start of the school year is to keep a relaxed holiday look. To do so we maintain our tan and hydrate our hair discolored by the sun and sea water.

Hairdressing decoding: Isabel Lucas apply her beauty tips to the letter and amplify the "surfer back from the beach" side by opting for a slightly disheveled side braid. Isabel Lucas add a girly elastic set with a small blue and red flower. Its long braid is gently placed on one shoulder and on the other side we see many blonde locks that escapes from this hairstyle. Far from being frozen, the hairstyle ofIsabel Lucas give way to movement. His very light blonde highlights his slightly tanned complexion. The latter must ask a lot of maintenance, since the young woman is naturally brown. The whole is yet silky and brilliant and the result seems almost natural.

Decoding make-up: No need to force on makeup with this type of beauty look. A simple pink lip balm and a touch of mascara refine her look. His eyebrows darker than his hair give character to his face and his eyes, we love the whole!

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