August 14, 2022

Isabel Marant x H & M: 5 tips to grab the most beautiful pieces

Summer is just over as the countdown has already begun. In two months, almost to the day, will be put on sale the collection Isabel funny for H & M in a selection of shops of the Swedish brand. An event that the modeuses of the whole mooooonde wait with impatience, trendy creator obliges. It must be said that this collection will be a unique opportunity to shop parts made in Marant at very low prices. Although only one coin has been unveiled to date, many rumors claim that the collection would be a set of model reissue Isabel funny, just like what Maison Martin Margiela did for H & M Last year. Suffice to say that this exclusive line may be unavoidable and thus awaken the primary instincts of fashionistas ready to do anything to appropriate these limited edition produced pieces. But no worries, we have prepared a little survival guide to be sure to win the bet without (too) treading.
Tip # 1 - Find the date and place
After marking the date of Thursday, November 14 on his diary, in his iPhone and the 15 post-it reminder stuck around his apartment, we leave to look sweet to his boss: "Boss, he me must my morning of November 14 ". A tip: better go early and ask him before the 15 other fashionholic of the office. The first arrivals will be the first served as they say. Then we find the places. Indeed, collaborations H & M with designers are only sold in a selection of Parisian and provincial stores. In Paris, these are generally those of Les Halles, Champs Elysees, Boulevard Haussmann, Rue de Rennes, Rue Lafayette and Rue de Rivoli. We logically choose the closest to home, the school of children or the office according to our needs and we stick to it.
Tip # 2 - Find the clothes
Coup de comm 'oblige, H & M publish on its website visuals of the collection a few days before the fateful date. We take the opportunity to take a look and identify the clothes for which we will furry the bun. Nothing like a good wishlist for a successful shopping session. It will save us time on D-Day, optimize our chances of getting the hook on it but also to establish its budget. Published with the prices, the visuals also give us an idea of ​​the hole that will leave this collection in our bank account. So rather to be faced with the words "Payment refusal? at the time of checkout, we foresee the blow and evaluate in advance the amount of our purchases.
Tip # 3 - We're planning his battle dress
All fashionistas know it: shopping is a combat sport. This fact is even more true when it comes to sales, private sales or even worse, collections limited. The sale Isabel funny for H & M promising to be a real carnage, we dress accordingly: easy to remove ankle boots to try potential offset sneakers, black leggings that can be used as slim or tights depending on what we will try, a long loose sweater and a warm coat to wait in the cold. Because yes ladies, before entering the Grail, we will have to wait. And usually a November 14, it is not 25 degrees if you see what we mean.
Tip # 4 - We arrive well in advance
D-Day, we play it strategically. From the outset, we arrive early. Very early. Although the shops certainly do not open before 10am, 9:30 in the best case, we try to arrive there before 8am story to be well placed in the queue. You should know that once the doors open, a nice bouncer filters the entrance by leaving only 20 customers at a time. In other words, it is better to be part of the first "batch". Once inside, we do not walk but we run, we rush to the space of the store reserved for the collection (often much smaller than we imagined) and we literally throw ourselves on the pieces we spotted before.
Tip # 5: We act quickly and well

Most of the time, each piece is only available in one or two copies in a given size. There are no stocks in reserve. In other words, there is no room for hesitation.In addition, all the clothes are taken again and exchanged so no need to complicate the life with existential questions of the type "I take it? I do not take it? ". Only small tip: take a size below, H & M tending to cut too much. If we have time, we do not hesitate to go for a ride in the fitting rooms in case a competitor has abandoned the object of all desires. In any case, you never leave your trophies, even once you've paid them: you're never safe from a thief who wants to steal our loot.

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