October 5, 2022

It girl sexy: look at the hairstyle and make up look of Pixie Lott!

The (br) it girl that we prefer, yes it is she, the blonde and sparkling Pixie Lott ! Here it is at the Pride of Britain Awards night.

The beautiful was wearing a very rockabilly banana bun, especially thanks to its polar blond color so trendy at the moment. This type of retro bun gives it a very modern rock chic look.

We also want the makeup of the blondie girl, a real job pro! A gradient of blue and turquoise on the eyelids make him a siren syeux. And what a luxury to be scratched the nails with his own initial! The letter "P" in black on nail polish white refers to the name of "Pixie"! We love this glam grunge look, so faithful to the usual look of the young woman ยง And you, you like?

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