May 13, 2021

It no longer responds to my SMS, what do I do?

Instead of worrying unnecessarily, take a step back. When did you send your message? Wait a few hours instead of becoming paranoid. Your man is not taped to his phone. Moreover, it can be connected to silent. No need to worry, your lover just did not see you send him a message.

Stop the parano
If you have an iPhone, you have the opportunity to see if your darling read your sms. He read it but did not answer you? Wait a little longer.

The men sometimes take their time to answer. They think about words, weigh their importance, use hints ... because they know that the message will be analyzed, read and re-read. Moreover, these gentlemen also like to be desired. As a result, they wait voluntarily for a few minutes before answering you.

At first, be patient and do not harass him for "I saw that you read the message!" Your man can be in a meeting, at the supermarket checkout or by car. He just can not answer you.

On the other hand, if he has not returned anything to you after six hours, it's time to worry.

No news = negative message
When he comes home, put the dots on the i's and explain that you are waiting for an answer from him. A simple "yes" or "no" may suffice. Tell him also that this silence worries you. You are dreading an accident or problem in your relationship.

You know, the men are not the type to bother. When a male covets a young lady, he contacts her. And he always finds a way to do it. When he does not want to see her anymore, he does not call her anymore, does not send her any more emails or sms. And does not answer him anymore, even if politeness would incite him. In short, it's the radio silence.

If your man do not bother to write you an SMS, it is good to worry about the future of your relationship. Do not waste your time and look for a man who will love you, who will take the time to write a message.

What To Do When He Doesn't Text Back [Texting Tips] (May 2021)