August 16, 2022

It's LOL: the Iphone app that calculates calories burned during love

More than a phone, the Iphone is changing the behavior of those who already have the precious gear. In addition to phoning (banal) to make MP3, camera, dictaphone, the success of the iPhone is very much for its applications.

Apps useful, informative, practical, fun, shifted, or downright useless, the Iphone apps are the happiness of the little malignant who develop them.

Last application thinness in view, Bedometre. His concept: to know how much you burn calories when you make love. And little trick, at each position its number of calories. To know which position.

How's it going ? Put your Iphone on the bed (or elsewhere) at the time of your antics. He will calculate the calories spent according to the time and intensity of the hug and will give you the sporting equivalent. Example: 30 minutes of galipette on the carpet = 1 jog of 20 minutes. And for the less shy, you can share your results and achievements on Facebook!

Good to know: 15 minutes of hug = 200 calories burned

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