February 29, 2024

It's the macaroon party on Friday March 20th

It is round, mellow and crisp, it is the ...macaroon ! Did you know ? The macaroon is one of the most sought after foods on the internet. Tart and creamy delicacy, the macaroon is the favorite delicacy of the French. All colors, all tastes, the macaroon is the object of all daring in culinary matters.
For the fourth year, the arrival of spring is celebrated by the "day of the macaroonThe opportunity to taste this mysterious and tasty pastry throughout France. macaroon is not celebrated exclusively in France but also in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands where gourmets can discover an infinite palette of sweet and savory flavors.
To join the pleasant to the useful, Pierre Hermé and Relay desserts mobilize for the Federation of Orphan Diseases (FMO): a macaroon red specially created for the day is sold a symbolic euro in favor of the FMO. This is another reason to succumb to gluttony with good conscience!
On the occasion of the day of macaroon and to prepare all the refinement Mickey Magic Party from April 4 at Disneyland Paris, Ladurée created the first exclusive macaroon Mickey. Chef Philippe Andrieu therefore offers us a macaroon unique high color: a sparkling chocolate ear, another with vanilla and the head full of raspberry ... What's mouth watering, right? The macaroon Mickey Ladurée will be sold in dessert for two months in a selection of gourmet restaurants at Disneyland Resort Paris: Walt's and California Grill for 12? From May 4 to 10, 2009, fans of macaroon will be able to buy the macaroon Mickey that will be sold exclusively and limited edition in Ladurée shop for 14?

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