July 12, 2024

Its duration

The duration of the leave maternity depends on the number ofchild which you are responsible for. If it's your first or second childyou have the right to a leave 16 weeks.

It's new
Since April 12, 2007, every future mother can adapt her leaveHowever, with the obligation to take 3 weeks of leave before the expected delivery date. Aupravant, the leave maternity was distributed as follows: 6 weeks before delivery and 10 after.

However, if you already have two children or more, its duration goes to 26 weeks.

If you are expecting twins, you have 34 weeks.

In case of adoption, leave is 10 weeks from the arrival of thechild, but if it increases to 3 or more the number ofchildren dependent, 18 weeks are then allocated.

If you wish, you can shorten this leave, on one condition however: you must compulsorily take 8 weeks.

If you want to prolong it, it will only be possible with the consent of your doctor or midwife if they notice any health problems. You will be able to benefit at this time from a leave pathological 15 days before the scheduled date of your departure, and 4 weeks after the scheduled date of your return.

DURATION & ITS SIMPLE MODES by Jennifer Walshe (July 2024)