June 23, 2024

Japanese cuisine: Japanese noodles sautéed or in broth

Japanese cuisine: yakisobas
Who says Yakisoba, does not necessarily say soba! The soba are japanese noodles buckwheat but the Japanese use for the Yakisoba soft wheat noodles that are also found in the ramen. They can be bought fresh in Asian supermarkets or use dehydrated Chinese noodles. There is a ready-made sauce for Yakisoba in the shops. Otherwise it's a clever mix of Worcester sauce with oyster sauce, soy sauce and some spice.
For this dish, your favorite tool: the wok ! Return to the oil, some Chinese cabbage leaves and slices of carrot. Then add slices of pork and squid. Let simmer a little before integrating japanese noodles, sauce and soy sprouts. Stir or sauté! Finally, when the noodles take a pretty golden color, it's a sign that it's time to sit down!
The must of the must : serve all in a Japanese bowl, add ginger cut in small strips and eat with chopsticks ...
Japanese cuisine : the ramen
The ramen (pronounced Lamen), means in Japanese "stretched noodles". There are different kinds of ramen depending on the base of the broth: tonkotsu ramen for those based on pork bones, shio ramen for basic salt, miso ramen for those with miso and shouyu for those based on soy sauce.
For the choice of noodles, it's quite free: all the little bags of japanese noodles Dehydrated can do the trick. It's even rather practical!
To make a shouyu ramen, prepare a broth with one or two chicken legs that you cook before adding water, spring onion, fresh ginger, onion, garlic, sliced ​​carrot and some Chinese cabbage leaves. You let simmer two good hours. You can then crumble the chicken or add slices of pork, cooked in a Dutch oven for 20 minutes with ginger, spring onions, sake, soy sauce and a little water.
Dehydrated noodles are placed in the bottom of the bowl, the broth is added until they are covered and covered for 3 minutes. The magic works and the noodles are ready. All you have to do is spread the slices of pork or chicken, a few crumbs of nori seaweed, spring onion, a bunch of fresh coriander. The game is to make your bowl pretty and harmonious. It remains for me to tell you itadakimasu (good appetite)!
The must of the must : suck the noodles noisily while controlling their progress to the mouth with the chopsticks ... in Japan it means that the noodles are excellent, but beware of splashing!

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