September 19, 2020

Jean François Lazartigue: "I test all care!"

In terms of hairstyleJean François Lazartigue has been a pro for a long time!

"I'm in the hairstyle since my 16 years because my mother had a salon and hired me very early! "Boss at 22, Mr. Lazartigue opened his first salon hairstyle in Paris, rue de Courcelles, in 1963. First to launch the soft and natural straightening ten years later, he has since expanded the brand in more than 70 countries.

"I will not tell you that there are colors of hair fashionable. It is said that the tones of the colors are hot, greedy (chocolate, carmel, vanilla ...). But with a coloration, the reaction differs depending on the person. So there is such a variety of results that we are always in fashion! "

In 1976, seeing the damage caused by discoloration and smoothing, Jean François Lazartigue decided to launch his own hair care to recover the hair of her clients.

His expertise in straightening made his fame: "There was a great need for straightening so I launched a specific technique of smoothing because there was nothing on the market.The Japanese straightening is out of the race. I went to Japan, everyone thought it was gone, and it's too aggressive, it burns the hair. "

Mr. Lazartigue knows what he is talking about because he tests all the products: "Our lab is at Rueil Malmaison, everything comes from France.When the product is developed, we test them with my wife and the best, we place them at living room."

The straightening is practiced from the age of 4 "but it is necessary that the child remains calm because it lasts 4 hours!". Mr. Lazartigue shows me before and after pictures on children and adults, the result is impressive! "The straightening even avoids generation conflicts with parents who can not get their hair done, and it's extraordinary to see the children looking in the mirror after hair smoothed! "


Scoops: here are the news that will come out in 2011!

-Blue coloring and another chocolate for spring
-An anti-inflammatory, soothing and sanitizing propolis shampoo for oily scalp in March 2011
-Two shampoos for children this winter, strawberry and apple, which do not sting the eyes!
-A range of hair care collagen to restore elasticity: May 2011

Jean François Lazartigue (September 2020)