May 28, 2024

Jean-Paul Gaultier, the saga of the brand

Born in Bagneux on April 24, 1952, Jean paul Gaultier comes from a modest family. Nothing suggested that the young man would embark on fashion or fashion, except perhaps his taste for the trunks of old clothes that abounds in the attic of his grandmother. Legend has it that at six, the young man is already trying on fashion design, with Nana, his teddy bear, in the role of the model. Supported by her parents and neighbor, editor at Small Echo of Fashion, Jean paul Gaultier made his first experiments as a creator, drawing, at the age of 15, the sketches for a collection of children's clothing.
In front of the movie furbelows, from Becker, Jean paul Gaultier has a revealing click: it's decided he'll be a stylist. Shortly after, he tries everything for the whole while sending his sketches to the workshop of Pierre Cardin. And the day of his 18 years, he finally joined the prestigious House: rather engaging as a birthday present! In 1971, after a brief stint with Jacques Esterel, Jean paul Gaultier joined the workshops of Jean Patou. He began his career alongside Michel Gomez, then Angelo Tarlazzi.
In 1974, back to basics, Pierre Cardin sent him to Manila to create collections for the American market. There, he meets Francis Menurge, who becomes his pygmalion. The latter strongly encourages him to launch his own label, which advice will eventually follow. Jean paul Gaultier after overcoming his reluctance. He presented his first line in 1976, at the Palais de la Découverte, in general indifference. Too avant-garde perhaps, but the codes Jean paul Gaultier are already present: thick leather jackets worn with long petticoats in tulle, his biker-rock spirit is already well asserted. But very affected by his failure at the Palais de la Découverte, the young creator thinks of giving up everything. Fortunately, he is caught in-extremis by the Japanese group Kashyama, who offers him to draw a line of clothing in 1978. The collaboration is going well; haute-couture has approached the drama, but the announced catastrophe will not take place: the terrible child of fashion is back!
The 80s are the Gaultier years: the small brand takes the lead, thanks to a revolutionary vision of fashion. Taking deliberately against the current trends, Jean paul Gaultier does not precede fashion, he creates it. Thus, from the beginning of the 80s, he launched the beginnings of ethical fashion, almost 20 years before his advent, by recycling cans. In 1983, he introduced the line Toy Boy and the famous marinière that will become his trademark. In 1985, he was the first to launch a unisex line: never in the history of fashion had a designer dared to wear the skirt to men!
Jean paul Gaultier also dresses the stars: the famous breaststroke bustier worn by Madonna during the Blond Ambition Tour is imagined by Jean paul Gaultier. He also dresses Yvette Horner for his show at the Casino de Paris in 1991, and, more recently, Mylène Farmer and Kylie Minogue.
The cinema also uses his talents to draw the futuristic costumes of the Fifth Element in 1997, as well as those of Kika and of The city Lost Children In 1994.
The first feminine fragrance of Jean paul Gaultier was born in 1993. Simply baptized Jean paul Gaultier, he will later be renamed classical it will become a must in the house. Two years later, he creates The male, his first perfume for men. Always where we do not expect, Jean paul Gaultier imagine in the early 2000s All Beautiful All Clean, the first line of cosmetics exclusively dedicated to men.
As far as collections are concerned, it's a clever blend of cultural codes with a hint of impertinence that the ready-to-wear lines offer us. Jean paul Gaultier : Rabbins Chics in 1993, Piercings and tattoos In 1994, Gaultier2 in 2006 erase identity barriers and blur gender boundaries.
In 1997, Jean paul Gaultier He began his career in haute-couture and sold part of his capital to Hermès, where he became artistic director in 2003.
Seven years later, he left Hermès to devote himself to personal projects, no doubt related to the development of his own haute-couture lines!

Making of Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums (May 2024)