April 17, 2024

Jeans take off

Why wide jeans?

Madonna - Abacapress.com
Because after seasons of dictatorship of slim, it's time to move on! Make no mistake: the wide jeans is neither a baggy nor a hippie eph 'paws! Jean XXL is the quintessence of femininity and embodied elegance: it falls perfectly and lengthens the silhouette. What more ?

High waist or low waist?
The ultimate challenge is to wear it high-waisted. What harmoniously put female curves in value. For those who do not dare, know that the wide jeans banished the low waist and side bolsters. You will discover the pleasure of wearing pants at your natural waist.

With which top?
With a shirt or a t-shirt close to the body, or even a tank top. Otherwise a small fitted sweater or a twin-set. We avoid the long blouse and / or long, just not to completely disappear your silhouette behind a pile of tissue. So we play on contrasts to rebalance everything.

Eva Mendes - Abacapress.com
Which length ?
Too long, you sweep the street. Too short, you will look ridiculous. You have to find the right length to not walk on it. If you wear heels, your jeans must cover them. If you wear flat shoes, you must not walk on the hem.

What shoes?
With small tennis if you are flat. Or stiletto heels from where we will see only the tip that exceeds. Otherwise, the compensated adapts very well to this model!

And the bag?
An oversized bag obviously because it accords divinely with this cut of jeans. Or a cover, story, again, to play on the contrasts.

Where is it found?
At Gap, Zara, Notify, H & M, Levi's, Somewhere ... and certainly soon everywhere!

Tight Jeans Try-On & Take Off... (April 2024)