July 10, 2020

Jennifer Hudson and her feline beauty look

Awarded Oscar for best actress for her supporting role in this film, as well as a Golden Globe for best actress. She is the third black woman to have received, the beautiful still has a great future in front of her. Mother of a little boy, we like his sober and glamorous look at the same time. Without doing too much, Jennifer Hudson, knows how to highlight its assets: a luscious mouth, doe eyes and a lioness's hair, decryption of its beauty look ...

Her hairstyle: she opts for a soft rock'n'roll shell on the front of the hair, the lengths fall freely in the back. Thanks to this hairstyle she totally releases her face to highlight her perfect complexion. The principle is simple, just crimp the hair on the top of the head by painting them upside down. A certain volume and a perfect outfit will be created with this magical trick. We fix them on the back using two small bars and we finish with a touch of lacquer. The lengths can be smoothed with an iron, to give a wise side to this hairstyle, at the base, rather saucy.

His makeup: in the evening, sequins are in order. We immediately notice the touch of golden glitter that illuminates the skin of Jennifer Hudson. The ideal is to put a little on the neck and arms if you wear a sleeveless dress. The eyes are joined, using a golden eye shadow. Its almond shaped eyes are highlighted with a touch of eyeliner. Little trick: the dasheyeliner must be very thin on the inside of the eye and it should thicken outward for maximum effect. A touch of mascara will accentuate her dark eyes. Finally, the mouth is delicately shiny and rosy. The pink blush on the top of the cheekbones fits perfectly with its gloss.

Jennifer Hudson's Perfect Cat Eye "Swoop" | Beauty Secrets | Vogue (July 2020)