September 30, 2020

Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to Christian Louboutin

If Sarah Jessica Parker cracks for Manolo Blahnik, Jennifer Lopez declare his love to Christian Louboutin ! In his last title, Louboutins, Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to the star shoe.

True fetishist of pumps with red sole, Jennifer Lopez has dozens of pairs.

And if Jimmy Choo created the event for H & M by offering a mini collection at reasonable prices, Louboutin represents a true myth.

Object of desire for women, support of the fantasy of men, Louboutin inspire creators and artists. After David Lynch, who devoted an exhibition to stilettos with vertiginous heels, after the Champagne Piper who created a tasting box for his champagne, the singer helps to mythify the shoe.

TC - Louboutins (@Jlo Cover) (September 2020)