August 14, 2022

Jessica Alba and her chic Gothic makeup in Los Angeles

Bright, radiant, radiant. The adjectives used to describe Jessica Alba are many. It must be said that the actress is full of sight, each of his appearances. Notably thanks to these beauty looks, which always hit us in the eye. Neon lips, glowy complexion, subtle liner. On the beauty side, Jessica's line of conduct seems to be delicacy and refinement. If the beauty has accustomed us to such make-up, she had a very different makeup, this Thursday, in the streets of Los Angeles. Lipstick wine dregs, eyeshadow of a deep black, applied way it cat, and kohl under the eyes, the actress had opted for a chic gothic look. That changes! It seems, however, that she was not at the origin of such a make-up choice. The pretty mom was indeed going to a local studio, probably for a photo shoot.

The chic Gothic, a bad idea?
Admittedly, this make-up does not look like the usual makeup worn by Jessica Alba. But it suits him rather well. Only downside: it does not respect here one of the greatest beauty rules that exists, namely, not too much make up eyes and lips, to avoid falling into overload and excess. The ultra-smoky eyes and the mouths of wine are not made to match. We would also have preferred that Jessica Alba combine this beauty look with a more sophisticated and more formal outfit.

Hair style, Jessica Alba stay, as always, at the top, with a mane wavy very natural and a honey color to fall backwards.

I HATE Los Angeles || KristenLeanne8 (August 2022)