August 14, 2022

Jessica Alba: her rock look in the streets of Bervely Hills

A few hours before Christmas with her little tribe, the pretty mother Jessica Alba took the opportunity to find her latest gifts and it is in the Williams Sonoma store specializing in furniture and accessories for housing that the star has set his sights.

Accustomed to being photographed with her eldest Honor during shopping sessions this time, it's accompanied by her 17-month-old Haven and her mom Catherine that the actress was seen yesterday at Berverly Hills .. Radiant and blooming Jessica Alba once again attracted the eye of the paparazzi.

Indeed, in terms of fashion, Jessica Alba is always at the forefront of trends and proves it once again. The 31-year-old actress has her small dress habits and is visibly addicted to printed pants. Floral, ethnic patterned or striped Jessica opted this time for a red plaid green tartan pants, in the trend of this winter. To complement her casual look, a bit of rock and punk, the beautiful had opted for a burgundy sweater (the color of autumn 2012), a loose white T-shirt and her perfecto leather she leaves very rarely. She had accessorized her outfit with a pair of black low boots with heels.

On the beauty side, the actress had let her blonde honey hair loose on her shoulders and had bet on her fresh complexion a discreet make-up to brighten her face.

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