December 1, 2021

Jessica Alba vs. Kirsten Dunst: who wears the best bun?

We are in New York at the CFDA Fashion Awards Fashion Show on June 6th: the gratin of the celebrities is here, especially our two VIP friends Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Alba. Brune vs blonde, bun plated vs. shiny bun, who will win our duel look hairstyle of the day ?



First observation: with such a bun, we can afford quite marked accessories: XXL earrings, colors and other frilly clothing, or. As for makeup, with this type of hairstyle all tyles are possible, from the ballerina makeup trend (just like the dancer's bun) nude to the strongest make up.



Huge benefit for Jessica Alba : his lacquered bun goes perfectly to his charming little face. We love the harmony of her coppery brown hair, without any difference of style.

In contrast, the tight updo and pompom bunch behind the skull does not highlight the angular face of Kirsten Dunst.Furthermore, bad choice of earrings, too sober, not festive for a penny, especially with all the outfit. And last flat: the bun lighter than the roots are not the most beautiful effect ...

Verdict: Jessica wins the bun!

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