February 29, 2024

Jessica Biel vs. Mila Kunis: sex symbols war

Long hair waving on the shoulders, ember eyes and luscious lips, the two stars do not have to envy each other ... Yet Justin Timberlake would have left Jessica Biel for Mila Kunis ! Beyond beauty, the two young women compete on the sentimental level.

But in good Beauty jury that we are, let the rage between lovers in the column people. Small decryption of the beauty looks of Jessica vs Mila.

Jessica Bielis the athletic body par excellence. The beautiful says it herself "all the sports that exist, I made them!" Its slim and sporty silhouette prove it. As for its beauty look, that is to say the hairstyle and makeup, the ex actress of 7 at home proved to be a femme fatale in her first film.

We love his generous smile, his special brushing red carpet wavy and slightly tinted caramel on the lengths. Make up question, Jessica Biel never do too much: nude complexion, glossy lips and eyes barely highlighted by a dash of eyeliner.

For Mila Kunis, the sex appeal is present from the first glance: caliente, the young brunette makes up her eyes with passion, from smokey eye to colorful blush, the beautiful ad the color! Devoted to Black Swan, after her role in The 70s show, the TV show girl-girl like Jessica turned out and blossomed at the movies.

The beautiful master thoroughly the sulphurous beauty look with her smooth hair waving little by little to the curly ends.

Verdict: 1 sexy point for Mila Kunis, the beautiful sorcerer ...