December 10, 2019

Jewels: skulls at Dior

Dior Jewelry has chosen to break its clean style. The designer, Victoire de Castellane, decided to propose a brand new collection of jewelry out of the ordinary, honoring skulls. The baptized collection Queens and kings includes ten pairs of vanities, in the form of pendants or rings. These atypical pieces in platinum are topped with diamonds and ornamental stones.
These pendants, representing the kings and queens of an imaginary kingdom, like that of Opalie, will please all fans of mysticism and Gothic tendencies. Maybe a way for the brand to attract a different clientele.
No dark pessimism or gloomy trend however with this collection. It is also for the brand to bring up to date the symbolism of the vanities of the Baroque era. The creator jewelry of the House Dior, Victoire de Castellane, therefore chose to work stones used in the Middle Ages or in Antiquity, to give these jewelry even more of that Baroque symbolism that she tried to infuse.
Chrysolite, also known as the "cat's eye", was used to enhance Middle Age church ornaments and the Jasper was used in antiquity as an amulet to treat eye pain. . We find these two stones in the collection of Jewelry Queens and kings. Also worthy of note is a meticulous work of crimping at the level of crowns and crowns made of platinum and diamonds.
For all those who do not necessarily find themselves in this esotericism, these jewelry will still seduce you and go perfectly with the glam rock trend of the season!

Dior Skull jewels Tête de Mort (December 2019).