December 1, 2021

Jil Sander, the saga of the brand

History : Jil Sander, real name Heidemarie Jiline Sander was born on November 27, 1943 in Germany. Passionate about fashion, she will study textile engineering in Germany and the United States. She opened her first women's shop in 1973 in Hamburg, then her own fashion house the following year. It will then diversify into cosmetics and become known worldwide through the opening of many other shops. The brand will be listed on the stock market in 1989. Then everything will be amplified with a men's collection and a wide range of accessories. In 1999 Prada he becomes the majority manager of the group and in 2000 Jil Sander resigns from his positions of creative and President, before returning in 2003. She definitely leaves her place in 2005 to Raf Simmons who becomes the new artistic director of Jil Sander.


News : Raf Simmons kept the minimalist spirit of the brand while giving it considerable added value. We all remember the famous Spring-Summer 2011 collection where the fluorescent colors were pushed to their maximum and cuts simplified to the extreme for a result of unequaled accuracy. The brand was then crowned by a huge media infatuation, thanks to a novelty in the general style of the house: a volume worthy of Haute Couture fashion shows. Long skirts tulip volume associated with a simple white t-shirt, it's the general surprise! Anna Wintour pardoned this result with many applause, that is to say ... The collection Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 allows us to find this famous ballroom skirt, we also find hoodies with ultra-trendy hoods, jackets Backpacked ... all in a very sixties atmosphere!

The stars have understood that sometimes you have to know not to overdo it and bet on minimalist cuts. For this, Drew Barrymore, Kate Bosworth or Tilda Swinton call on Jil Sander.

Creed : dress independent women! Jil Sander wants at the time to clothe this new generation of active and modern women in a simple, elegant and especially comfortable style. It is particularly aimed at trousers suits and classic shirts, or slightly masculine ones. These first collections immediately appeal to fashion professionals and the media who want more.


Anecdote Jil Sander was very concerned about the comfort of these outfits, to the point of trying each of these models before putting them on the market.

Coat Week (December 2021)