February 28, 2020

Jimmy Choo at H & M: our tips for successful shopping

Notices to shopaholics: it's November 14 that the Jimy Choo collection for H & M will finally be unveiled to the public. A exceptional event, exceptional device of the sign of fashion. Also to be sure to leave with a pair of shoes signed Jimmy Choo, follow our advice.

advice N ° 1: get a head start

The simple name of Jimmy Choo is enough to frenzy shoppers all over the world. Also not to find yourself on the sidewalk after everyone, think to arrive 2 hours before the opening of the shop. If the tail during the sales causes you to have a nervous breakdown, run away ... the crowd is still more numerous in front of the stores H & M.

Anticipating affluence, the brand said that a bracelet would be given to the first 160 customers. This bracelet will give access to the collections Jimmy Choo. And as the brand leaves nothing to chance, she insisted that the shopping time would be counted. Timed shopping for crazy fashionistas, you had to think about it, H & M did it! But, despite that, H & M insisted that the possession of the precious bracelet did not guarantee the availability of the products. First arrivals, first served, a saying to follow to the letter.

advice N ° 2: spot

As for sales, the ideal is to identify in advance the models that you like. So be methodical and go to the site H & M to discover the whole collection and the list of points of sale ...

advice N ° 3: the panoply of the informed shopper

To survive this delirious crowd, dress in a practical and light way. Also think that if you want to try the outfits, or shoes, you have every interest in being able to change quickly.

advice N ° 4: it is necessary to keep!

If buying fever is a contagious disease, whatever happens, keep your cool ...
It would be a shame to have you escorted politely by the security service.