May 23, 2022

Joël Durand, chocolatier in Saint Rémy de Provence

Joel Durand is not a chocolate maker like the others.
After twenty-two years of experience, he became an artist in the art of taste. Based in Saint-Remy for seven years, it has been impregnated with Mediterranean aromas, mainly Provençal, to make chocolates exceptional. Each piece of his collection, each chocolate, carries a letter of the alphabet that indicates the scent of the mouthful. Each flavor is a pure creation.
This gifted craftsman makes small stylized squares of 32 different flavors '' the alphabet of flavors ''. Their compositions, textures and fragrances change over the months: jasmine, arbutus honey, star anise, cardamom, earl-gray, wood of India ... The "Tiramisù" is in itself a poem.
Like us, you will be pleased with so much imagination and delicacy. In addition to the know-how, it is the truth of the excellent cocoas which is revealed in the "Golden Square", the rocks, the tablets, the jams, the orangettes, the frozen desserts ...

Joel Durand never stop and search every day for new flavors. He likes what is true, and uses no preservatives or artificial flavors. All products used are fresh products.
Creativity is what makes him move forward to stay true to his childhood dreams!

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