October 5, 2022

Julie Ferrez's flat stomach & well-being tips for the summer

After the first step and sports tips (read the article), Julie Ferrez gives you some tips welfare to feel good in your body as in your head.

Tip flat stomach: ban definitively sodas, spreads, pre-prepared dishes, sweets, sweets.
Like athletes, consume 20 almonds (the least caloric seed) per day to distribute as you wish. Rich in vegetable protein, calcium and fiber, they provide a flat belly, lowers cholesterol levels and promotes weight loss. You can alternate with berries of Goji.
If you opt for a fresh fruit, prefer a Apple which has a satiating effect.

As a drink, choose from green tea, or from chlorophyll to infuse in water (draining and anti-stress) orcoconut water. Drink before the meal or 1h30 later to avoid bloating.

A body of iron, a morale of steel

« For the mind, it is necessary to take breaks welfare during the day "Recommends Julie Ferrez.
1. The "breathing & meditation" exercise : calm down for 5 minutes. Close your eyes, attach a fictitious point to the top of the skull, inhale gently through your nose while tucking your stomach and then release your belly.
2. The "beauty of the face" exercise : every morning to clear the face, tone cheeks and lips, make the "fish". Look at yourself in the mirror, pinch your cheeks between your teeth 5 times in a row. "This facial yoga exercise offers amazing resultsExplains the coach.

You can find Julie Ferrez on her website or for a training every Sunday (10h-11h30) in Paris, Porte d'Auteuil. 20 euros the session, free for - 15 years.

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