January 16, 2022

Julie Imperiali: interview of the coach of the stars

How is your sports coaching method different from others?
My method adapts to the mood of the "students". If one of them asks me to do yoga we do, if he wants to run we jog ... My training in classical dance, gymnastics and yoga allows me to introduce the customers the discipline they want, from relaxation to bodybuilding. Everyone can do it, and see how nice it feels to feel better in your body and your head.

The body and its position in space is important for you?
Yes, learning to move your body better is important. And it is by working the deep muscles (abs, perineum, lumbar ...) that the superficial muscles curve the silhouette. I also work on the balance of the body through breathing, cardio and muscle exercises to reach the head! Here is 60% psychological, 40% sport.

Why did you found a Space in Paris?
I wanted a place that suited me and where I could disconnect my students from their daily lives. The concept of cozy, discreet apartment is synonymous with tranquility and security for the famous people with whom I work.

You train the presidential couple for a little while, how is it going?
With Carla Bruni, you work on flexibility, bodybuilding, stretching. It's been four years since we did this together, and a year with the President. With Nicolas Sarkozy, we jog, stretching, and I always work the couple separately because they do not have the same needs.

They groan sometimes?
No never ! None of my students complain about physical exertion. They love to feel better during the sessions. If my client does not come out with a smile, for me it's a failure! I make them feel that they can get there, that it's welfare pure, that the mind reconnects with the body. I give them confidence in their bodies and they are very happy. I even go on vacation with some of them sometimes to keep them fit!

What are your short and long term projects?
I am already training coaches so that they can work without me in future spaces such as the one in Paris that opens on April 1st. We are planning with my husband Marc (co-founder of Espace) to open others in major mega-cities worldwide. I want to share my passion for luxury coaching, which is a personalized follow-up. You have to know this job well to appreciate it. I would also like to collaborate with spas to adopt my method. Why not create a Space Julie Imperiali upscale in a hotel or spa?

A little advice to be beautiful and fit before the summer?
We can not change the appearance of our body in such a short time, it is all the year that we must pay attention, especially to its diet. Our body is not modeling clay! It is better to try to maintain a balance by working the body and the mind, gently and according to the needs of each one. My food advice: do not mix protein and carbohydrates.

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Technogym - Interview with the famous French trainer Julie Imperiali (January 2022)