November 25, 2020

Juliette Binoche, Angelina Jolie ... All fans of the bun

Gather her mid-length hair in a low bun or a small ponytail before creating a volume effect on the top of the skull, lightly creping a wick with a brush and pins and / or hair. a destructuring matte paste. Here is the hairstyle ball or shell that is needed on more and more heads well done.

To each his style: Angelina Jolie, always sculptural, which chooses a more distributed volume on the back of the skull. Juliette Binoche, promo of the movie Elles, bourgeois rock with a hull wide but not too high. While Miss Fashion Paris First Alexandra Golovanoff pulls towards a very glamorous rock with a hairstyle all in height on her blond silver hair. Finally, this is the new option of Cameron Diaz with his recent haircut short: the locks that could camouflage the eyes are pinned back, reviving the face.
A hairstyle which enhances the forehead and thus the brow bone, gives the aura of a cheeky power and glorious femininity. The hull has the wind in its sails, adopted in a more punk version on the last Chanel show, during the week of haute couture.


Extreme Close Up & Johnny Depp (November 2020)