June 23, 2024

Kamasutra: Magic Sexcalier or Union of the Antelope

The woman kneels on the first steps of a staircase, in this position of Kamasutra. The man stands behind her, walks under it and enters by clinging to her hips. The woman stands at the ramps or at the top steps.
Council + : the inclination of the stairs, in this position of Kama sutra allows penetration at almost vertical angle, giving his penis direct access to your G-spot. For more pleasure, press your buttocks as far as possible against the base of his sex. With one hand, you can offer a bonus by stroking your clitoris or offer him some sweetness on the testicles. And if it's the service staircase of your box, it's even more exciting!

Flexibility: ++
Sexual challenge: +++++

Active man: ++++
Active woman: ++

TANTRICA - OFFICIAL FULL FILM | The Dark Shades of Kamasutra (June 2024)