May 23, 2022

Kamasutra: The Octopus Union

In the position of the Octopus or Octopus Union of Kama SutraThe man is seated, his legs slightly bent before him, hands on the ground. The woman squats on him, then puts his hands far behind before unfolding his legs one after the other on the shoulders of his partner, as to cling in his tentacles.
It is the woman who controls the situation by describing top-down movements that are particularly stimulating for point G.
Council + : This position of Kamasutra is ideal if you like to watch your partner enjoying. If you are very flexible, why not also wrap your arms around his neck and tighten against his feverish body. It will not be able to ignore any more that at this moment it belongs to you totally!

Flexibility: ++
Sexual challenge: +++++

Active man: +++
Active woman: +++

Sexual Health (May 2022)