May 28, 2024

Karin Viard in "The mother's head"

What seduced you in the scenario of The head of mum ?
I liked the story quite special, with a lot of personality and that it is not "agreed". I liked the tone and the dialogue too. This mixture of humor, absurdity, poetry ... without being cutesy.

Tell us about your character ...
In general, I do not choose a movie based on the character I have to interpret. A very good role in a bad movie, it has no interest. It's always the story that takes me. I am quite capable of accepting a minor character in a good movie and I have already done it elsewhere!
There, the role is quite flattering because this woman follows a course. She has an awareness around the desire to live. At the same time, there is also renunciation at home: she has never fought and she will not fight more to keep her love of youth.
She lives things where she is able to live them but she will not fight to get them. I am much more voluntary and opinionated, it seduced me.

... and this mother-daughter relationship:
I was interested in exploring the mother-daughter relationship and the parallel between the two. Especially in this case: the roles are reversed when you have a mother depressive, which is the case in the film. In addition, Chloe Coulloud, who plays my daughter, is very nice!

Would you say it's a nostalgic film?
I find he is quite sensitive and sentimental. From the point of view of the teenager, there is no nostalgia: she just thinks to save her skin. She tries to understand her mother and give her a smile to get something she needs to grow up.

What do you think of the mother's attitude in this film?
She does not take stock and has little reaction to what is happening to her. The moment she finds her great love, mixed with her illness, she says to herself: "If there is something to live, let's live it by trying not to do too much harm around oneself". But otherwise, she does nothing to take things into consideration and change them.

What place does the disease hold in this film?
Juliette does not fight against this disease, a little imaginary at first and then real. But at the same time, the story is not about filming the disease but about the path of this woman.

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