October 22, 2021

Karl Lagerfeld, stylist for Coca Cola light, act 2

For Coca-Cola, Karl Lagerfeld has created three new exclusive designs to dress the Coca-Cola light aluminum bottle.
Available in limited edition in 11 European countries from April 2011, the Coca-Cola light by Karl Lagerfeld will be the indispensable and irresistible accessory for women who love fashion.
To create this resolutely modern and daring collection, the designer has used light and original elements of his artistic universe, combining a palette of black and white with pure lines, contrasted by a touch of color and patterns.
Karl Lagerfeld will also use his creative genius to photograph the advertising campaign Coca-Cola light, in a staging in keeping with the spirit of the brand live the fashion with more lightness. Karl Lagerfeld, consumer of Coca-Cola light, is delighted to collaborate with Coca-Cola light in 2011. About the design of the bottle he made in 2010, Karl Lagerfeld says "I like this bottle but it's time to create a new one. In reality, it's three bottles that I want to create ". And to conclude: "I loved what we did last year but I will love even more what we will do in 2011. I am delighted to continue this collaboration. "

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