August 14, 2022

Kate Middleton: 8 beauty tips to look like him

She is beautiful, fresh and natural. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, fantasies women around the world, who wish to be like him. If you're one of those admirers, is giving you 10 beauty tips to apply literally, from dream to reality. And finally be able to copy the pretty Kate.

1. Perfect complexion
How does Kate Middleton, to have a complexion so perfect, and with such a natural result? Very simple ladies and ma'emoiselles, the beautiful Duchess does not abuse artifices and prefers to take care of her skin (see our article: Kate Middleton: her secrets for perfect skin), rather than camouflage it under tons of makeup. A true model to follow, for all those who easily fall into the excess.

So choose a BB cream, suitable for your complexion (prefer a lighter shade), which you will then associate with a loose powder (a shade darker than your skin, to bring a little shine and give a healthy glow). Result: a uniform, smooth and especially natural complexion.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton: Laura Mercier's moisturizing tinted cream, which she uses as a make-up base, judging by the reports reported by the Daily Mail.

2. Pink cheekbones
To bring a touch of light and radiance to your complexion, already perfect, Kate Middleton never forget his blush on the cheeks. A pink color, for a small side "blushing" and a "walk in the open air" effect very natural. To apply on the cheekbones, smiling.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton: Still according to the Daily Mail, the beautiful Kate Middleton would totally crack for the blush Pale Pink Blusher, brand Bobbi Brown.

3. A natural make-up
You will understand, our dear Kate Middleton prefers to stay natural. In terms of make-up, the future mother does not break the rule and opts for a nude make-up, whatever the occasion. The wife of Prince William thus sports, most often, a smoky nude smoky, sober and discreet, and unmasked lips. To look like the beautiful, it will be necessary to opt for an identical beauty, and play the card of discretion and subtle. An exercise that sometimes proves difficult.

We recommend: a gray eyeshadow, to pose in halo on your eyelid mobile, and in very fine line, flush with the lower lashes. Then apply a little mascara to curl your lashes. And voila.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton: Eyeshadow Ivory, Rock Star and Slate, still according to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

4. Careful eyebrows
Kate Middleton displays eyebrows perfectly shaved and neat. We like: its natural line and well maintained. To resemble the sublime Duchess of Cambridge, it will be necessary to say goodbye to very fine eyebrows, and bet on a thicker line, more provided but nevertheless drawn. To do this, it is better to go through the "beautician" box, to have a good base, which you can then maintain yourself, using a pair of tweezers.

5. Hydrated lips
Kate Middleton seldom lipstick or gloss. And when she does, Prince William's wife always opts for nude, even transparent hues. To afford such colors, it is better to first moisturize your lips, with a nourishing balm, to apply before your lipstick or gloss, and in the evening, before going to bed. You can also do a light lip scrub, once a week, no more. We recommend: an exfoliating lip balm, accompanied by a nourishing balm slightly tinted, for a smooth and natural mouth.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton: the Crystal Gloss and the lipstick Sandwash Pink, brand Bobbi Brown.

6. A nude manicure
Exit the neon colors and flashy. Our dear Kate Middleton swears by the nude. Opt for very discreet french manicure, and transparent and beige varnishes. To apply on nails fed, maintained, and clean, well understood. To do this, feed your hands daily with a cream, and do not forget to take care of your cuticles too.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton:
a mix of the "Rose Lounge" varnish from the Bourjois brand, and the "Allure" varnish from the Essie brand.

7.A perfect blow-dry
The hair of Kate Middleton also inspires many women, who ask for the same cut of hair to their hairdresser. To obtain such a mane, the care step is here indispensable. So remember to make a mask, at least once a week, and prefer keratin shampoos, to restructure your hair fiber. To avoid: the products filled with silicone, which decrease the washing actions, and diminish the care effect.

The favorite product of Kate Middleton:
this is a hairdresser owned by Richard Ward and located in London. Cost of a hair metamorphosis in this professional? Nearly 16,000 euros. Price that includes color, maintenance, and cut.

8. White teeth
A stunning smile. Here is the trademark of the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge. White teeth, straight, and perfectly aligned. To get that ultra bright smile, no secret. All you need is good dental hygiene. Tooth wash two to three times a day, at least two minutes and one descaling every six months. There are also whitening products, to use with caution, and after reading instructions and advice.

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