June 13, 2024

Kate Middleton: a helicopter to take her to the maternity ward

Prince William is not joking with the security of Kate Middleton and their baby, especially as the happy event approaches. According to the Daily Mail, he allegedly borrowed a helicopter owned by a friend pilot, Simon Oliphant-Hope. A way to deal with any eventuality in case of emergency.
The aircraft would be parked in the garden of their Anglesey residence. If the delivery took place earlier than planned, the Duchess of Cambridge will travel the 463 kilometers to St. Mary's Hospital in London in 90 minutes and the device could land on the roof of the hospital.
Facing the frenzy and facing the swarm of photographers who camp in front of the maternity ward, the management asked Buckingham Palace to ensure that "the normal activity of the hospital is not hindered by the presence of the media."

There is no guarantee, however, that Kate Middleton use it as she divides her time between her London apartment in Kensington Palace and her parents' house in Berkshire, not far from the maternity ward. But as all young parents know, we are never too careful ...
As a reminder, the birth of the baby royal is scheduled for July 13. Kate Middleton must give birth in the same suite as Princess Diana. The child, girl or boy, will be third in the order of succession to the throne after his grandfather, Prince Charles and his father, Prince William.

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