August 15, 2022

Kate Middleton and her pretty gradient

Kate has changed cuts! And it's a true hair revolution for the Duchess of Cambridge that had us used to a loosened curly brushing, relatively classic. The wife of Prince Williams has degraded his hair !


She gets a beautiful vintage bangs by shortening its lengths by a few inches. With this look reminiscent of the 1970s, his oval face rounded and gives him beautiful cheeks plumper. The slight blondness of its half-lengths brings softness and brightness. And his hair who casually falls on his shoulders gives him a hairstyle very glamorous, far from the rigid and agreed style that could impose his rank.


His outfit is in the right continuity of this sweet fantasy. Her pale pink coat, so British cut, enhances her nude complexion that only a soft pink blush dresses. His laughing eyes are made up but the brown makeup remains sober to fit perfectly with this elegant look. But what does the princess think? And if, and if she was ... pregnant? And if this change ofhairstyle rhymed with her new mom's life that may be announced?

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