June 23, 2024

Kate Middleton composed her wardrobe with a stylist

The Duchess of Cambridge undoubtedly possesses a sense of sharp style, but she did not acquire it alone. It is with the help of stylist Natasha Archer that Kate Middleton would have composed his wardrobe. A custom cloakroom, of course.
The wife of Prince William, currently pregnant with her second child expected for spring 2015, would have asked Miss Archer, dubbed Tash, to become her stylist assigned, according to the magazine Vanity Fair, UK Edition.

A primary task, especially when we remember that the subject was at the heart of some discord with Queen Elizabeth II. The latter had indeed strongly opposed that the young thirty-year public in dresses too light and short.
But now, it is towards a more daring and risky style that the 32-year-old mother would tend to. Over the months, the mother of Prince George has managed to establish itself as a fashion icon, nationally and beyond. Kate Middleton and his 27-year-old fashion double agent strives to select glamorous and trendy looks while staying in the nails imposed by the royal family.

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