June 23, 2024

Kate Middleton in Alice Temperley dress, her first fashion faux pas?

Since her marriage to the Prince William, Kate Middleton offered us a parade of outfits all more elegant than the others. If the first years of her royal love story, the now Duchess of Cambridge groped again, she has today found her style. The Princess Catherine thus alternates elegant but discreet and refined outfits during official events and more casual looks in everyday life. His signature: powdery colors, royal blue with sometimes a touch of flashy, red or coral.

The Kate style inspires not only other royal wives or even her sister, who regularly copy the princess's fashion recipes, but also women in general.
Each outfit worn by Kate Middleton then tear in a few hours. It has made known many brands hitherto confidential. She even managed to convince us that the bug was trendy. We had come to believe that she mastered her fashionable subject on the tips of her fingers and that fashion faux pas was unknown to her.

Yet the Duchess of Cambridge eventually stumbled. At a reception at Buckingham Palace in honor of British athletes who competed at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and many members of the Royal Family, she did not appear at the best of its fashion form. Her black Alice Temperley dress embroidered with large nude lace flowers leaves us perplexed. She has a little old-fashioned side that does not emphasize the princess at all. The cut of the dress and the shape of the sleeves are also unflattering. Even his Jimmy Choo shoes can not save that look a bit too old lady. This is not the first time she wears a dress Alice Temperley, which is one of its creative fetishes. If she had hitherto always been aiming right, it is this time missed.

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