February 29, 2024

Kate Moss: fan of her accessories!

Serial ultimate fashionist, Kate Moss is one of the stars that announce trends. So in case you have missed, you must have leopard print in your closets! The proof in two: Kate Moss no longer separates from his jungle jacket. And as we can see she wears it with anything and anything and on all occasions, the idea being that with a colorful print, we play the total sober look elsewhere.

Sure Kate Moss, it gives: raw slim jeans, black thigh high boots and black top de rigueur. Exit the junkie rock'n'roll style she assumed when she shared the life of Pete Doherty. Since Kate Moss found love in the arms of Jamie Hince, the singer of the band The Kills, the twig has adopted a glam look changing cup (she became blonde and was made a bangs) and trading his perfecto rocker against said leopard jacket she never leaves now.

So, recapitulate, if you want to look like Kate MossYou must go to the hairdresser and run in the thrift shop to get a vintage jacket with leopard print. And there you will have the panoply to be a star!

"KATE MOSS for Rimmel Idol Eyes Collection" The Summer Rock Look (February 2024)