April 20, 2024

Kate Moss, sexier than ever on Esquire's cover

"Shine bright like a diamond" sings Rihanna. Kate Mossshe gives life to this pictorial expression on the cover of September's American men's magazine Esquire. In this edition, the top model, which is approaching mid-life, displays a perfect silhouette, molded in a transparent body adorned with precious stones. Precious stones placed in different places, more than explicit, like the chest, the pubis or the neck, encrusted with jewelry arranged in the manner of a necklace, which then descends along its belly. In short, a more than sexy outfit, which highlights the anatomy of this great fashion icon. To avoid doing too much, however, a jacket jacket of immaculate white was thrown on the shoulders of the beautiful, hiding, at the same time, his chest. Kate puts, meanwhile, the chin forward. Slightly opening her mouth, her gaze fixed on the lens, and the hair in battle way "I get out of bed after a few tumults", the British model proves here that she has not lost anything of her legendary sex appeal.

A return in beauty so, for the irreverent fashionista, who had not made the front page of a men's magazine for 17 years. And a wonderful ambassador for Esquire, who has a special edition "Made in Britain". Nobody could have better represented the British territory. If not Kate Middleton ... but she seems slightly busy at the moment. And this style of magazine is not very appropriate for a Duchess. Kate Moss turns out, therefore, to be the best choice.



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