December 11, 2023

Kate Moss, the supermodel became cash machine

Topshop, Longchamp, Isabel Marant, Vogue Eyewear, and Dior... the top accumulates image contracts. Yet two years ago, when Kate Moss is photographed without his knowledge, the nose in the flour, almost failed to stop ... It took the determination of his agent and manager, Sarah Doukas, to convince the sponsors (Burberry in mind) not to leave the ship in a storm. Better, this episode helped to establish the status and wealth of the young woman. As proof, its profits went from 2.2 million euros to 4.5 million euros.

At the time, Sarah Doukas had to redouble her efforts not to scare her big customers, she explains: "At that time, I spent hours on the phones reassuring my customers. Do not believe everything the newspapers say, but unfortunately, the press is very good in the world we live in. So I told them to keep calm and not rush. "
Today, brands are taking out the checkbook to offer their services. Last in date, Diorwho recruited Kate Moss for his line of ready-to-wear and for the launch of a lipstick ... Sign that Kate Moss has lost none of its power of attraction with the years!

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