June 13, 2024

Katie Holmes, wisely sexy with her orange heart hugging dress

Katie Holmes is doing a real fashion show in recent days. Her divorce was announced two weeks ago and since the 33-year-old actress made some very trendy appearances! Between slim jeans and dress chic, Katie Holmes remain casual thinking however each time to add a touch a little personal.
Decrypting his look: Katie Holmes opted this weekend for a dress heart cache orange color. The set is very elegant, knee length contributes to this aspect. Falling shoulders bring a loose side that dramatizes the strict side that sometimes emanates from this type of outfit. The waist is emphasized by a thin belt that feminises the silhouette. Katie Holmes we also prove that it has a head start on the 2012-2013 winter trends by opting for the color orange. A small gust of wind reveals its bottom of dress in satin, this silhouette is outrageously sexy. This is one of the flagship colors of the fall-winter 2012-2013. Accessory level, a simple long necklace and a pouch refine his look. We have a real heart stroke for his pair of salom├ęs nude color. These shoes have the advantage of agreeing with all our dresses.
The hairstyle is deliberately nonchalant for once again going against the strict side of this dress. So it's a flawless fashion for the ex of Tom Cruise.

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