April 17, 2024

Katy Perry, her hair curly Roaring Twenties we panic

Katy Perry We used to look at pop and crazy looks inspired by the manga universe. Looks she marries with hair with crazy colors - blonde, pink, blue or purple, the beautiful we will have done almost everything. But the beautiful can also sometimes calm the game and it suits him perfectly.

At the City of Hope Gala in Los Angeles, Katy Perry so had opted for a very Roaring Look with a little nightie dress and a double row of pearl. For the beauty, the pop singer was also inspired by the 20s. hairstyle, the retro layout is de rigueur and, for even more authenticity, the beautiful has parried its curly hair a precious headband. We applaud this bold and different choice. Because if the retro is popular on the red carpet Hollywood, the stars most often opt for the style 50/60 or 40s glamor. The pin-up look, Mad Men panoply or poisonous femme fatale are all the rage. By choosing a decade less seen but just as glamorous, Katy Perry is nicely noticed.

But if the beautiful has radically changed her look for the evening, she has kept her personal touch. Under the headband, her hair is still purple and she has also stayed true to her vertiginous false eyelashes. A true lesson of style.

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