October 25, 2020

Katy Perry unrecognizable as an incendiary redhead

Farewell rainbow hair, Katy Perry turns into an incendiary red-haired cover girl for the cover of the French official of the autumn.

Thanks to a team of beauty professionals at the top, Katy Perry reinvent herself as a Gothic goddess sublimated by her fiery mane. For this very magnetic photo series, Katy Perry is highlighted by the undeniable talent of the American makeup artist Jake Bailey. To note an important detail. The latter has collaborated with the greatest. We can notably mention the photographers David Lachapelle and Ellen von Unwerth.

With regard to the hairstyle it is to the Sicilian Renato Capora that we must attribute this flamboyant red. The hairdresser wanted to transform the appearance of the singer to unveil it in a whole new light. The latter wanted to show a Katy Perry avant-garde and bohemian. To highlight this new hair color bewitching, makeup artist Jake Bailey then wanted to play with colors of the Renaissance period by drawing inspiration from the palette of the famous Italian painter Raphael. Katy Perry then leaves lips barely rosy very glamorous and her cheekbones are enhanced by a hint of romantic rosewood blush.
In the Official one discovers thus a Katy Perry dressed in a Gothic goddess costume, fatal and haunting. The beautiful singer slipped into a total look Louis Vuitton. She is dressed in a hose skirt and a very fashionable transparent black blouse with elegant floral motifs. She veils her eyes with a half glossy black mask with large, chic feathers and refines the ensemble with a transparent black tights. Then to perfect the whole, she slips her feet in a pair of red suede wedges so retro.

Verdict?? The result is bluffing and the charm of the "Fireworks" performer is undeniable. A real delight for the eyes as in this photo of the photographer Cuneyt Akeroglu.

Katy Perry Is Unrecognizable in Wonderland Magazine: Inside the Shoot! (October 2020)