April 1, 2020

Katy Perry, yet another hair color!

Brunette, blonde, pink hair, blonde with pink highlights ... Katy Perry has long chained the hair colors, from the most classic to the most eccentric. And then she went blue. And she kept this pop color so long compared to her other hair variations that we thought it was finally the right one. Fault. The singer is the perfect example of the fantasy frenzy that has seized the Hollywood stars for some time and the growing success of the Little Pony hair. So, on Wednesday, at the awards night of the Ascad Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, the beauty appeared with a new hair color. Finished, the total blue look, surely too difficult to maintain and too aggressive for the hair. For the color to take, it had indeed first had to discolor and dye blue. A shock treatment that damages the hair fiber.


A short break could not hurt. Katy Perry therefore opted for coloring black jet to regain its natural color. But the singer does not want to completely abandon her cartoonesque look, she enhances this shade a little too classic now for her by electric and indigo blue wicks. The result is more discreet than its blue Smurfette but still pop.coloring

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