April 20, 2024

Keep fishing in winter: the benefits of light therapy

Sunlight has an impact on tone and morale. Its lack causes each year many seasonal depressions.
For you, it's a bit the same thing: when it rains, it's depressed and when the weather is nice, vitality is back? To avoid dependence on the weather, give yourself a lamp specifically designed for light therapy.
The principle is simple. It is enough to expose oneself to a lamp specially conceived for, which emits a light close to that of the sun, preferably in the morning, and this during twenty minutes. It is not a question of placing it in front of oneself, but simply of situating it so that light enters the field of vision. The session can be done at home, in a hospital or at a specialized doctor.

Sleep and light
You do not believe in the benefits of light therapy? So, try to keep pace with the sun. For this, no secret, get up at dawn and go to bed no later than 9pm. In this way, you will enjoy the maximum of natural light.
Another possibility: have a so-called "dawn simulator" alarm clock. These are devices that gradually diffuse a light close to that of the day, about 20 minutes before the time scheduled for waking. Thus, one opens the eyes gently and with the song of the birds by way of radio.
Your home sweet home lacks light? Invest in a halogen lamp or in pretty light garlands. Also think of the salt crystal lamp. Trendy, it diffuses a soft and soothing light.

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