June 5, 2020

Keep your tan: interview of a professional makeup artist

What are the essential care and products to keep your tan?
This beautiful color that we would like to keep whole weeks tends to tarnish because it is the superficial layers of the skin that are golden. These cells are also the least alive of the epidermis. To revive this beautiful color, an essential solution is required: the erase and thehydrate ! Indeed, a scrub allows both to eliminate the dull side of the tan that no longer has a dose of sun but also to bring out the golden cells. For the whole body, I advise you to use the Scrub New Skin Scrub from Clarins. This product will soften the quality of your skin which may have thickened with the effects of the sun and also revive the radiance of the tan gently. For the hydration side, you can apply After Sun Balm Self-Tanning Rehydrating which will also accentuate your tan.

Do you recommend applying a self-tanner when you return from vacation?
Of course, the application of a spray tan has so much legitimacy before going on vacation to give the illusion of being already tanned that in the end to continue to keep this result so patiently acquired.

What is the best time to apply it?
In the evening, after the shower. On a clean and dry skin, the application of thespray tan is done very carefully to avoid possible traces. We wake up so gilded, ready to parade!

What do you recommend specifically for fair skin and fair skin?
There are lighter products of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) that are sufficient for women with fair skin who want to maintain their tan every day. They can either opt for theSelf-Bronzing Milky Water which is applied on a cotton and as easily as a tonic lotion or for the Slow Multi-Radiance Facial Treatment which combines vitamins and active ingredients Self-tanners and puts itself as a day cream on the face and décolleté.
For dark skin that has a darker tan, you can move up a gear with the Tinted Concentrate Intense Self-Tanning which also applies to the face and décolleté using a cotton, smoothing fast and light, avoiding the eyebrows and the hairline.

Which are the gestures to privilege to succeed easily its application on the body?

Take, for example, a small dose of product such as Delicious Cream Self Tanning which also has the advantage of being slightly tinted and thus facilitates the application. Heat the product in the hands and apply it on the half-legs avoiding the feet. Do the same on the thighs taking care to wrap your buttocks with it. At the end only, when you have almost no product in the hands, touch the top of the foot, the malleoluses and the knees. Take your time to apply the product evenly. Last recommendation, wash your hands and nails thoroughly after application.

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