July 12, 2024

Keeping good looks: 5 tips for her and him

Man: the secrets of a good-looking man
The skin of our men is thicker and therefore fatter. To subdue the shine, they must use daily moisturizer mattifying fluid texture. The male likes indeed that it goes fast, so he needs a care that penetrates quickly. No question that the cream sticks on the pillow!
The man does not sleep much, as a result he wakes up with blurred complexion, dark circles and bags under the eyes. To restore radiance to his skin, or rather good looks in the male language (the male is likely in terms of beauty and must be spoken with manly words), he will go through the box scrub once or twice a week. He will then apply anti-gray mine care that will boost the micro circulation and make him find a fresh and bright complexion. It is also converted to the contour of the eye to eliminate puffiness and dark circles.
The male does not have like us the ultimate cheat weapon: makeup (even if there are sun powders for men who also achieve some success). To fight against the pale complexion, however, it can turn to tinted fluids or Self-tanners masculine with natural rendering.
Zen for her: make your skin look bad
In beauty, even if we would like to believe it, miracles do not exist. If you want to find a beautiful, radiant and healthy skin, start by taking care of your lifestyle. Indeed, our excesses are the worst enemies of our skin.
To finally show a rested complexion, there is no secret, it is necessary to sleep well. It is during the night that our skin regenerates and our cells are renewed. For a truly restful sleep, sleep at least eight hours a night.
Stop alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol and cigarettes are the culprits for a defeated mine that lacks luster and bad skin. Alcohol blurs the complexion, dehydrates the skin and promotes the appearance of redness. Tobacco accelerates skin aging and can cause acne breakouts as it thickens the skin. Finally, he is also responsible for the dull complexion. So we abandon these bad habits without regrets.
But no alcohol so. For a well hydrated skin, apply a face care morning and evening is not enough. Drinking plenty of water is also essential. This moisturizes deeply and promotes the elimination of toxins. For a beautiful and supple skin, do not forget to drink 1.5 L of water a day.
Take the air
For a glowing skin, offer him regularly a good breath of air. Practicing outdoor physical activities can indeed oxygenate the epidermis. You must have noticed, in these wintery days, a little walk in the cold makes you a doll complexion.
Get out of the ways
If these small daily actions are not enough, then it will be time to leave the plan orsec by making an appointment at the dermato or by offering a facial in institute. Coup de éclat guaranteed.

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