August 12, 2020

Keira Knightley: fan of her accessories!

On the screen, Keira Knightley perfectly embodies the young romantic heroine often unable to choose between reason and feelings. And this small sensitive and passionate side often rubs off in reality. On red carpets, Keira Knightley often opts for steamy empire dresses, while in real life she oscillates between rock'n'roll outfits and atypical accessories.

Keira Knightley is for example an expert in the mix of genres and can afford to marry slim jeans and converse to a felt capeline or a very 20s bell hat. All for a result we could not more original, charming and who he's doing really well. Keira Knightley Thus comes to create a typical English style that goes from Jane Birkin to Emily Brontë. It was not won in advance, but the effect is very successful!

The other little detail is the chain around the neck, which Keira Knightley never separates visibly. A simple chain and a small gold medallion, it is discreet, pretty and it dresses any outfit in any circumstance. It must be precious for her to wear it so often. Would it be a gift from his supermodel darling Rupert Friend?

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