October 5, 2022

Kenzo launches "Kenzo Color", the floral fragrance

For the Japanese brand Kenzo, spring will rhyme with flowers and femininity. At the beginning of March 2013, Kenzo sort the collection of perfumes " Color Kenzo , Which comes in two versions: Color Kenzo Pink / Pink and Color Kenzo Yellow / Yellow.

The first is a tasty blend of spicy rose and saffron combined with the fresh scents of grapefruit and angelica for a water of perfume floral, glamorous and ultra-chic. The second, sunny and greedy, meets scents of bergamot and citron but also jasmine, orange blossom and vanilla. An ideal and light fragrance to smell good summer.

Bottle side, the perfumes from the collection ¬ęColors Kenzo Are reminiscent of the debut of the brand, with their sleek bottle, topped with the mythical flower designed in 1982 by the artist Serge Mansau for the very first perfume Kenzo.

The perfumes Color Kenzo Pink / Pink and Color Kenzo Yellow / Yellow are available from March 2013 exclusively in Sephora stores.

Price: 59 euros / 50ml

Kenzo :: Flowers by Kenzo fragrance (ENG) (October 2022)