October 4, 2023

Kids: discover a game dedicated to conjugation

The purpose of this board game

Acquire the maximum number of Time and Challenge cards by conjugating the verbs correctly. The game is over when all the Time and Challenge boxes are occupied by the players. Verbillico combines many qualities. During the course of the game, to win, it is obviously necessary to combine correctly, but also be strategist, good negotiator and lucky, because the course is strewn with pitfalls.
Three types of boxes:

The Time boxes indicate the times to conjugate,
The Challenge boxes put the players to the test,
Trap boxes reveal the luck of the moment.
Main attractions:

The educational interest : learn to tune the verbs quickly. This game validates the acquired notions. It is akin to a new and simplified method of memorizing conjugation and chords. It imbues players with good reflexes.

Fun interest : keep the pleasure of playing. The rules and background of Verbillico are designed to live moments of entertainment and sharing. Conjugation remains in the background as a simple means of exchange and acquisition of winning cards.

It is obvious that the classical learning system with its tables does not help to retain the verbs. Starting from this observation, to facilitate the memorization, we imagined a totally original and very simple tool that relies on a visual code. The tables are replaced by a circle divided into four parts of different colors, separated by black squares. Once this scheme is memorized, the basic structure is acquired. By playing, the links between time and the logic of conjugation will be highlighted.

Available versions:

- The Mini version from 8 years old: the required concepts
The four beats of the indicative: present, future, imperfect, past composed

- The Junior version from 10 years old: the required notions:

The 8 beats of the indicative: present, future, imperfect, past composed, past simple, future future, past perfect, previous past

- The Excellence version from 13 years: the required concepts: all indicative, conditional, subjunctive, gerund, imperative, participatory, infinitive modes.

Having difficulties conjugating verbs? Here's a fun way to practise! (October 2023)