August 12, 2020

Kim Kardashian and her hairpin bun in Los Angeles

What elegance ! The future mother, Kim Kardashian, was taken in photos at the exit of his home, Wednesday, February 20 in Los Angeles. Kanye West's partner was, at first glance, at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a special event. The pretty brunette was then dressed in a very chic black and white dress, at the forefront of fashion trends. On the hair side, the star of reality TV had opted for a hair bun ball, placed on the top of the head. Hairstyle currently worn by many stars, on red carpet as in the street (see our slideshow: The top bun: the stars are all addicted!). Kim Kardashian however, had a very classic and very strict version of hair bun. This is reflected by his hair strapped back and his line in the middle. No wick went above. A very wise beauty look, which suited him perfectly.

Make-up level, Kim Kardashian had chosen a beautiful bright red lipstick, which highlighted his luscious mouth. She then underlined her look with a simple line of black liner and a coppery brown eyeshadow. As usual, the beautiful had very long curved lashes (would it be fake?), Which made him doe eyes to fall.

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