October 27, 2021

Kim Kardashian clears her hair for spring

Currently pregnant with her first child, the reality TV star and companion of rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, seems to have some problems to dress, at least, right now. The pretty brunette chained indeed inappropriate outfits, which do not put her at all to her advantage (see our slideshow: Kim Kardashian pregnant: 10 missed pregnancy suits to avoid). However, the beauty side, the future mother still ensures as much. Witness the hairstyle sported by Kim Kardashianthis Tuesday, at the exit of his hotel, in the streets of New York. Hair in the wind, the latter proudly exhibited new chocolate locks, lighter than the rest of her raven black hair. These touches of color, which surround her face, are both discreet and visible, for a natural result, effect "I just returned from vacation in the sun". These locks also perfectly match its complexion glowy matte. Result: a sparkling mine, that we all want.

To stay in this warm and bright beauty theme, Kim Kardashian had opted for a coppery brown smoky eyes, highlighted by its straight bangs, and glossy beige lips. She had also played the card of the over blush, sculpting her cheekbones with an apricot blush.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off New Hairstyle At New York Fashion Week (October 2021)